BREAKING: Julian Assange got arrested because of his new project, which makes money for regular people

Despite being arrested, Assange shows victory sign, his letter to CNN explains everything

For more than 7 years Julian Assange lived in Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he had a political asylum. Suddenly, with no warnings Ecuador decides to reject henceforth asylum and British police arrives to arrest Julian Assange. Official information reveals that arrest is due to his shipped bail in 2012 as well as request of US authorities. However, these are lies just to hide the truth about Julian Assange arrest from the masses. The real reason behind the sudden Assange arrest is his new project called WikiBot, which will create a lot of problems for worlds richest persons.

How do we know that? In November 2018 we received letter from Julian Assange. Mr Assange stated that letter can be opened and published by CNN only if he gets killed or dies in any other way, or gets arrested, because the project that he is going to launch will forever change the way we live by blurring the gap between richest persons in the world and middle class people. And this will be done by WikiBot.

Here is the full letter from Julian Assange:

Hello World,

By the time you all be reading this letter, I will be killed or arrested. But that won't stop WikiBot, which is my new project and it will be maintained even if I'm dead. No one will be able to take down WikiBot, it will be forever alive, just like The Pirate Bay.

While working on Wikileaks, we gathered lots of documents, emails and other secret information about unfair practices how some of worlds richest persons acquired their wealth and continues to grow their capital.

While I won't reveal exact details how this is achieved, because it may hurt operation of WikiBot, I can say that there is a way to know how forex and cryptocurrency values will change just a moment before the actual price change happens. This system has been abused by persons such as Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Michael Bloomberg, the Bush family and many others.

Before cryptocurrencies became popular these rich bastards could manipulate only with forex, but in the last few years they included cryptocurrencies in their dark business which allows them to steal more than 203 billions USA dollars from regular people EVERY YEAR.

We at WikiBot managed to secretly connect to this system and copy source code, which allowed for us to create an exact copy of this system. Since this system is based on known vulnerabilities of global market systems it is very difficult to fix them, and if they patch these vulnerabilities it will restrict access not only for WikiBot, but also rich bastards will be left out of the game. This is the reason why they will not fix the system, but rather search for ways to take down WikiBot.

WikiBot project allows every regular human from every country in the world earn at least $1250 daily, guaranteed by me - Julian Assange. Our system makes automated trading to generate profit, just like the exact same system does it for worlds richest. We are using most trusted brokers. To start trading you are required to make a small $250 investment, because you need starting capital. After less than 24 hours you'll be able to withdraw your first profit - $1250 or even more.

Since WikiBot is hosted around on more than thousand cloud servers across the globe and they can take down only one server at the time. If one server is taken down, traffic is automatically redirected to another server and it takes around one day, to take down one server, so WikiBot is guaranteed to be alive for more than 2 years. They can take me down, but can't take down WikiBot.

Julian Assange

Before publishing this article, we at CNN decided to test WikiBot, to see if it really works. because there have been many scams around.

Our reporter Stephen Mallack did a short one day test test for WikiBot, to see how it works in real life.

After registration, you are brought to WikiBot dashboard. To be able to earn, you need to deposit $250 into you brokers account. Some might wonder why they need to deposit, but that’s how trading works. You need to buy assets and currencies and sell them for a bigger price. The system knows which asset or currency to buy, so it can sell it some minutes later for a bigger price. Fun part is that it happens automatically. You can deposit with all major banks and credit cards.

WikiBot dashboard

WikiBot dashboard

Once you deposited funds into your account, you can start fully using autotrader. Stephen tried the auto trader for almost 24 hours and his starting capital of $250 had grown to $1343.

At this moment we were quite sure that WikiBot auto trading works as advertised, it’s time to check out how we can withdraw funds. The withdrawal process is pretty straight forward, just request withdrawal in the dashboard. You can choose a bank wire or direct credit card deposit. We have chosen the second and it took less than two hours and all of the $1343 was in Stephen’s bank account, converted to euro. Best part is that during the withdrawal process broker automatically pays all taxes for you.

WikiBot withdrawal

Our withdrawal from WikiBot

Analysts believe that WikiBot will improve financial situation for mid class people, while not hurting global economy too much. While government arrested Julian Assage in effort to take down his new project, there are no legal issues with using WikiBot, because autotrading is allowed worldwide.

Click Here to access WikiBot